First Peer-Reviewed Publications on the HCR-20 V3

New Research Now Available

The first articles on the HCR-20 V3 to be published in a peer-reviewed periodical can be found in a special issue of the International Journal of Forensic Mental Health (Volume 13, Issue 2, 2014). The articles include:

  • Introduction to the Special Issue on the HCR-20 Version 3 by Kevin S. Douglas
  • Historical-Clinical-Risk Management-20, Version 3 (HCR-20V3): Development and Overview, by Kevin S. Douglas, Stephen D. Hart, Christopher D. Webster, Henrik Belfrage, Laura S. Guy & Catherine M. Wilson
  • The Use of the HCR-20V3 in Dutch Forensic Psychiatric Practice, by Vivienne de Vogel, Ellen van den Broek & Michiel de Vries Robbé
  • The HCR-20V3 in Germany, by Sebastian Kötter, Fritjof von Franqué, Manfred Bolzmacher, Sabine Eucker, Barbara Holzinger & Rüdiger Müller-Isberner
  • Interrater Reliability and Concurrent Validity of the HCR-20 Version 3, by Kevin S. Douglas & Henrik Belfrage
  • Predicting Post-Discharge Community Violence in England and Wales Using the HCR-20V3, by Michael Doyle, Laura Archer Power, Jeremy Coid, Constantinos Kallis, Simone Ullrich & Jenny Shaw
  • The Validity of Version 3 of the HCR-20 Violence Risk Assessment Scheme Amongst Offenders and Civil Psychiatric Patients, by Diane S. Strub, Kevin S. Douglas & Tonia L. Nicholls
  • Adapting the HCR-20V3 for Pre-trial Settings, by Shannon Toney Smith, Shannon E. Kelley, Allison Rulseh, Karolina Sörman & John F. Edens
  • The HCR-20 Version 3: A Case Study in Risk Formulation, by Caroline Logan

For more information, visit: and search for Volume 13, Issue 2, 2014.